• Application Modernization & Optimization

    Every organization faces technological obsolescence in this millennium. Modernization and optimization of applications are necessary for survival in this technology driven business environment. Organizations are unable to abandon existing systems that contain valuable data and information compiled over decades. However, there is an impending need to modernize these systems without the loss of data or processes while saving time and procedures.

    Qualton ( Formerly Atum ITs ) implements innovative and effective solutions to optimize the performance of the existing applications in your enterprise without replacing them. Be it legacy systems and migration or less than optimum performance of your existing application, we provide sustainable solutions to your enterprise that help you extract value from technology that you have invested on over the years. We work towards making systems technologically future ready.

  • Corporate Message:
  • Qualton ( Formerly Atum ITs ) unlocks the value of SAP Software and Solutions with a flexible portfolio geared towards end-user adoption, innovation and ...read more