• Chemical

    Our expertise enables chemical manufacturers to manage and respond to changes in unpredictable supply chains, run efficient manufacturing operations, sustain product and service leadership while ensuring optimal asset utilization, profitable order fulfillment, and high standards of sustainability and compliance. Industries that can be categorized under Chemical would include:

    • Petrochemicals
    • Specialty chemicals
    • Bulk chemicals
    • Plastics
    • Agrochemicals
    • Paints, coatings and inks
    • Biofuels

    Atum IT’s depth and breadth of knowledge in this area, integrated with leading business support and analytical software, enables customers to optimize key business processes including:

    • Human resources and talent management: Core human resources and payroll management, shared services, business process outsourcing and talent management
    • Financial performance management: Enterprise performance management, financial analytics include reporting, financial closure, risk and compliance management and operational finance
    • Asset safety, performance and maintenance: Asset safety and compliance; asset design, build, and commissioning; manufacturing visibility and performance management; and asset maintenance and operations
    • Operations management: Manufacturing operations, energy and emissions management and integrated sourcing and procurement
    • Product management and compliance: Product and service innovation, product and REACH compliance management and integrated product development
    • ASupply chain management: Collaborative demand and supply planning, logistics fulfillment and compliance management and manufacturing network planning and execution
    • Sales and marketing: Lead generation & opportunity, pipeline management; and price and margin management

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