• Life Science

    Life sciences companies face a variety of pressures from compliance with regulations to creating and producing innovative, cost-effective products. To manage these complex business challenges, companies must take a proactive approach to compliance, improve product safety, anticipate, analyze and respond to market demands. Our solution experts provide a set of contemporary software solutions, tailored to meet the regulatory and business needs of life sciences organizations.

    Atum IT’s expertise in SAP for Life Sciences provides a flexible, innovative platform that enables customers to increase the efficiency of business processes, manage compliance risk and drive business growth while improving the quality of life. Industries that can be categorized under Life Sciences would be:

    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Biotechnology/Biopharmaceuticals
    • Medical device/Scientific instruments

    Qualton ( Formerly Atum ITs ) provides a flexible, innovative platform that enables customers to increase efficiency for the following business processes:

    • Time to market: Will enable us capture critical information across development, optimize the scale-up process and reduce the time to compile regulatory submissions
    • Product quality management: Meet regulatory requirements to improve drug quality and safety and address industry cost pressures
    • Time to value: Maximize sales effectiveness, optimize supply chain planning and increase product revenues
    • Product safety management: Meet growing requirements to ensure the safety of medical products at all stages in the product life cycle
    • Enterprise management and support: Ensure improvement across all core activities in analytics, financials, human capital management and corporate services
    • Analytics: Leverage best practices and KPIs for the life sciences industry to address key business challenges and effectively manage risks that include product quality and manufacturing, compliance and trade, innovation and increasing competition with SAP Business Objects analytic applications

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  • Qualton ( Formerly Atum ITs ) unlocks the value of SAP Software and Solutions with a flexible portfolio geared towards end-user adoption, innovation and ...read more