• Public Cloud Hosting

    Dedicated Hosting is a higher form of web hosting service where 100% of the server’s resources (i.e. CPU, Memory, Hard Drives, etc.) – are allocated as desired by customers. This is also called “Dynamic” Dedicated Servers (DDS) as it includes the features of Virtuozzo, such as: Reliable Backups / Restores; Easy Server Migrations / Upgrades; etc. – combined with the power of a Dedicated Server of your specific setup.

    We offer different levels of DDS each with different configuration options. Depending on the customer requirements, our plans support: 1 to 10, 100, or Unlimited Websites; 250 GB to 1 TB (+) Hard Drives – with an option for 1 to 6 drives of the desired size in a raid array; and 2 GB to 32 GB of Memory! Our DDS plans also provide an upgrade plan for those organizations with sites that are not well suited for a virtual private server and hence must have the full resources of their own dedicated server.

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