• Talent

    Center of Excellence

    Qualton ( Formerly Atum ITs ) is a leader in nurturing excellence and harvesting the fruits thereof. The company’s Center of Excellence is an in–house program aimed at inculcating an innovative mindset development. Equipped with a vast range of executive development modules, the center strives to bring perfection with structured, indigenously designed, perfectly delivered and minutely monitored modules.

    The programs are run by our industry practitioners and subject matter experts who share their knowledge with technology entrants. We also have very humble, polite and caring mentors who help produce sharp, innovative professionals.

    Qualton ( Formerly Atum ITs ) strikes a balance between imparting technical and soft skills trainings. Our powerful “Competency Building Center” engage employees to boost their skills in emerging technologies and upgrade themselves as per the business needs. The Mentor-Buddy program has been designed to streamline the training process. Its main objective is to Inspire, Empower, Learn and Perform. Each employee is attached to a buddy and a mentor for cultural integration and understanding the work dynamics. As a part of competency building, the internship program helps entry level trainees to stay focused and motivated to learn.

    The open learning atmosphere make trainees feel at home allowing them to adapt and perform; thus making Qualton ( Formerly Atum ITs ) a better place to work.

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  • Qualton ( Formerly Atum ITs ) unlocks the value of SAP Software and Solutions with a flexible portfolio geared towards end-user adoption, innovation and ...read more